Adharma is Countered with Dharma and Falsehood is Countered with Truth, Part #3 How Phyllis Krystal was Mistreated, Isolated and Abused by Madhusudan Naidu and his gang.

Phyllis Krystal Mistreated ,Isolated and Abuse by Madhusudhan Naidu, Narasimha Murthy and his Gang.
Dear sisters and Brothers
Please take the time to read and share the fallowing  information .
 Many of you maybe don’t believe in many of my post and think everything I have post in  the past is not  truth, I continue  to do so because I believe truth is the foundation of everything in life and I have learn from Sathya Sai Baba  the Truth  always  will prevail.  
Always  when I post I take the time to know  if that information is Truth or not.
Before you get in the document  below I like to explain to every one which  don’t  know about Tantra. Tantra is the  science to learn how to manipulated the five element  and was  giving  from God ( Swami) to Spiritual seekers to  help them in there spiritual progress to  reach enlightenment and self realization,words from Swami in the Book SAI THREE. 
When this science of Trantra is  use  for personal  and selfish purpose this is call Black Tantra what  in the West  we call Black Magic and which  exist , is temporary, created very much difficulties in the victims life but one’s can cancel  and stop  that too.
Below is a long  email from  a  good and close friend of Phyllis Krystal to you all learn how  she surfer in the end of her life, how  she  was under the Tantric game of  Madhusudan Naidu ,Narasimha Murthy  and the  gang because  she don’t endorse them, is important  to you take the time to read all and  pay attention in the red letters  and then look if  anything  abnormal is happening in you life after you decide  to don’t be involve with Madhusudan Naidu and  his gang .I  feel very sad about to come to know  all this now  and we  was not aware of this  when was happening to able to help her and  now I AM FOR  FORGIVENESS  TO HER  WHEREVER SHE IS  WITH  SAI AND IN SAI NOW. All this make me think about Indulal Shah and other  elders  which have been abuse in the same way by them too.
Please  do the service of shearing for other which don’t  know about  it .
In Humble  Service to our beloved Bagawans Sri Sathya Sai Baba


From: Janie Ivey []

Sent: Friday, January 6, 2017 12:52 PM
To: Janie Ivey <>
Subject: Fw: Phyllis Krystal

Sai Ram Fellow Sai Baba Devotees!

I am here today as I want to share with you a Love Story in Sai. It begins with the attached picture.


Here you see a picture of Peter and Anna Schlachter with their son and Phyllis Krystal during Christmas 2013. Phyllis often referred to Peter and Anna as “her family”. She felt so much love with and for them. Peter and Anna returned that Love by referring to Phyllis as their “3rd Grandmother”.  Phyllis just loved to spend time with them in their home in Austria.

Peter often traveled with Phyllis in the last several years to help and care for her during her travels. Phyllis trusted Peter so much that when she moved her “Phyllis Krystal Foundation” to Switzerland she repeatedly asked Peter (for her peace of mind) to become the Swiss Chairman of the Phyllis Krystal Foundation. After much inner debate and questioning the Baba in his heart – Peter felt led to accept the position of Chairman/President of the Phyllis Krystal Foundation located in Switzerland.  Phyllis was very happy to have both Peter and Anna involved in the work of the Foundation for Phyllis’ peace of mind. Peter always did his best for the Foundation. Phyllis and Peter published the revised and updated Phyllis Krystal workbook and symbols in 2013 – the same year as this movingly beautiful picture above of our Beloved Phyllis with her ‘family’ was taken.

Little did any of us know that by being close to Phyllis and the chosen one to run the Foundation in Switzerland would put Peter and Anna  in the line of fire that would make their world, their lives “collateraldamage” to plans of the others around Phyllis who had their own plans for Phyllis and her legacy.

But first more background: In 1984 I began volunteering in the Sathya Sai Book Center where Phyllis’ first book fell off the shelf at my feet twice which I took as a sign I needed to read the book and then meet her. I was lucky enough to go to her home and learn about her work. I loved Phyllis’ work and worked with the Method. My husband Tom and I created and sold basic symbols for Phyllis’ work in the early days.  I sold them at Phyllis’ workshops and meetings here and Phyllis brought me orders from abroad.  I met so many wonderful people through the Symbols. Then others followed with more types of symbols and it became time for our little home business to step aside. I kept up my Cutting work with groups, friends and clients.  When Phyllis moved to Germany and then Switzerland we exchanged letters & phone calls when she had the time. And I would see her when she visited California.

When Phyllis moved to the UK we had more time to talk over the phone.  Phyllis was now in a wheelchair and had 24/7 care. I was surprised to find that Phyllis was still an avid learner wanting to learn all the time and wanting to keep mentally sharp. So I would send her articles and materials that I thought might interest her. I would call and we would discuss them. We spoke about the Phoenix Fire bird and Phyllis remembered the pictures I had in my home of the Phoenix Fire Birds on a Hindu temple in Hawaii. We had once talked of her using the pictures on a book cover back in 2008 whenever she had time to finish the Phoenix Fire book she was working on. I was happy to hear Phyllis was finishing up what she termed was her last book about the Phoenix Fire Bird in the fall of 2015.  We got into a routine of me calling her after dinner and before her footbath. We happily covered many subjects. Phyllis and I talked about death and dying as she remembered I had worked in hospice care earlier. We also talked about her dreams and who appeared recently in her dreams and how the process of dying would take place.

I asked her to please come back and tell me how it all went when she died. That made her laugh and I told her others had done just that! I told her half joking that I was open to her dropping by for a short visit on her way to Swami!

We talked about Armageddon and the Golden Age and the Subtle Light Body group. We both had our revised opinions of the Light Body craze and wondered if Swami was separating the ‘Wheat from the Chafe’?

Calls to Phyllis became a few times a week to almost daily. I would fax her materials I received and we would discuss the pros and cons. Soon I was sharing about how I felt the Phoenix Fire and the Dark Night of the Soul were similar to the transformation of the Monarch caterpillar as it enters the Chrysalis and transforms into the gorgeous Monarch butterfly. Phyllis decided to put the story of the Monarch Butterfly’s Transformation in this last book she was writing.

Phyllis would talk about all kinds of things and we had a very nice time exchanging ideas.  She loved that I told her we could talk about anything especially when she was in a sad or bad mood.  She would thank me that I had encouraged her to vent and it would not put me off! Venting was more than o.k. and over time it became a part of our talks more and more. I think it helped her keep balanced – but I don’t know that for sure. Not all people would like the topics we covered. We both started looking forward to these elevating discussions.  One of Phyllis’ favorite topics was her very last interview with Swami……Baba talked about several subjects. He told Phyllis that the Kurukshetra War would play out in her body.

In 2014 Phyllis felt led to move to the UK, but later felt this decision to move back to the UK was by far the worst decision she had ever made. She loved to teach and have company and although she couldn’t do everything she wanted she had many friends there in the EU who would visit her and do ‘her work’ with her.

During last summer everything changed and to be specific on 7-21-16 there was a meeting with her advisors, her attorneys and the Board members. Some present and some over the phone in a Conference Call along with Peter who was also her Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), Phyllis and her 2nd LPA.  Right off the bat and unbeknownst to Phyllis and Peter a document was introduced with allegations of wrongdoing by Peter. Phyllis said Peter and she were both shocked.

Phyllis was told she needed a new will or wills and Phyllis asked why? Also a 2nd Foundation was suggested in the USA. Phyllis let it be known that she did not want a 2nd Foundation nor did she want any of the changes suggested.  Phyllis was shocked and unhappy with this entire plan for changes and saw no reason to comply with any of their suggestions.


According to Phyllis, at this point, Phyllis had had enough of living in the UK and she told Peter and other close friends she wanted to move back to Switzerland.

On 7-23-16 Peter and Anna arrive at Phyllis’ home to talk with Phyllis about the concerns she had expressed after the 7-21-16 meeting and possibly take her to Switzerland to meet other friends and look at two places she might like to rent.

But when Peter and Anna approached the door to Phyllis’ home they were met by two policemen who claimed that Peter and Anna were trying to ‘kidnap’ Phyllis.

They were charged with a strange Old English law, “Breech of the Peace”.  The police said Peter and Anna were now forbidden from any type of contact with Phyllis until the ‘investigations’ were complete and/or a ‘hearing’ was held. The police also told Peter and Anna if they tried to talk with Phyllis or had any type of contact with her at all they would go to ‘prison’?

Phyllis told me she was beside herself and was screaming down at the door -‘let them in; let them in.’ Phyllis later said that she had a terribly sore throat afterward. Phyllis was very upset over this and began asking friends for help to get out of the UK. Phyllis also told the person responsible that she would never forgive them.

Peter had to hire an attorney and has been kept away from his dear friend, Phyllis, and on pins and needles for over 5 months waiting for a resolution to these false claims against him. And this all took place while everything was being altered and changed around Phyllis.

Phyllis was broken hearted and many, many of our conversations would be Phyllis asking the rhetorical question of how could one person be forced to not talk with another in this country?  This was extremely hard on Phyllis both because she missed talking to Peter and because she used him as a sounding board and trusted his opinion. Phyllis in many conversations would cry and state: “Peter and Anna are my family”.  Sometime before Anna had seen a Pink Chrystal Heart in a Shoppe window and thought Phyllis would love it so she bought it and gave it to Phyllis. Phyllis told me that she held this Chrystal Heart all day long while praying to Swami. Then she began sleeping with it next to her own broken heart. Why is this all happening, Janie, she would ask me? I only wish I knew why it was happening to Phyllis. She would pray and pray for this separation to be over for all of them. Well, we all prayed for this nightmare to be over for Phyllis, Peter and Anna.

In the meantime Phyllis and I worked on a World Wide Prayer seeking help for Phyllis. Phyllis chose the wording herself. Phyllis also had me call her most influential friends for help getting out of the UK and one thing led to another and pretty soon we had a band of – “Phyllis helpers” All strong, brave, good people and all Baba devotees who were secretly working on plans to help Phyllis move to a place where she could feel safe and happy again which she so desperately wanted.

Quite by accident (or was it?) Tom stumbled on information on the “Office of Public Guardian” (OPG) which handles all types of neglect or abuse. One thing led to another and our leader who gave so much time and funds to get an attorney finally got standing in October and our leader filed a claim of abuse of Phyllis on behalf of our group of friends.

As a group we decided to hold off on the World Wide prayer until we knew the office of the OPG would accept the claim as we were afraid  ‘they’ would prevent the rest of her friends from talking with Phyllis. One by one friends of Phyllis were told not to call her as it took the caregiver’s hours to calm Phyllis back down after certain people called. In fact at this point it seemed as though Phyllis’ connection to the outside world and to outside stimulation was being reduced almost daily.

For some crazy reason they allowed me to call until just before Phyllis died. So my small job was to keep Phyllis’ spirits up, provide stimulation and just talk with her which I loved doing anyway. When she would say: “when will I get out of here one way or another”? – I would say to her: “My darling! Help is on the way; help is on the way!” and I believed we would be there with Help on the way. We all knew that if we succeeded it would be Baba’s will not ours, but we all prayed that we would succeed in getting Phyllis to a place where she felt safe and happy.

Phyllis would often tell me to tell Peter, Anna and the boys she loved them so much and slept with the crystal heart Anna gave to her next to her own heart.

We would at times discuss the Muddenahalli Light Body crowd and experiences she had had with Madhu and the one time Tom and I to see what Madhu was all about.  So that was also a discussion. Phyllis was concerned about Madhu as he wanted to “help her to the other side”. He had come to see her and she had refused this ‘help to the other side’ more than once.

It was an odd set of circumstances with the people caring for Phyllis as she felt they were all in for Madhu. They all appeared to be Madhu followers and one in particular brought Phyllis robes from Madhu which she did not want, but she was always worried that if she did not appear neutral they might put her in the “looney bin” to quote Phyllis. So Phyllis found herself walking a fine line with them daily. Phyllis was often on pins and needles to keep some balance in her life.

I was nervously expecting to be told not to call, but for some reason they let Phyllis talk with me until December 2nd. I talked with her several times a week or at hard times for her – every day. Each call became more and more precious to each of us. Phyllis got increasingly exhausted with her restrictions and inability to speak with old friends.   She would often ask me what had she ever done to deserve this “sadistic horror” and then she would said she just wanted it to end. It was so hard to not be able to be more helpful for Phyllis. Finally our claim with the OPG was accepted on Oct. 18, 2016.

Phyllis became very uncomfortable as she told me and other friends still allowed to talk to her that she had developed a rash and she was severely itching all day long, and Phyllis told us the situation was driving her crazy.  This went on for weeks. I asked her one day some questions about it:

1)   How long have you had this rash/itch?  Phyllis said – Over a month.

2)   Did the caregiver call for a Doctor to see you?  Phyllis answered no.

3)   Did the caregiver call for a Nurse to see you?  Phyllis answered   no.

4)   When I asked what she felt was causing this problem Phyllis really surprised me with this answer: Phyllis told me that the assistant who brings messages and robes from Madhu told Phyllis  the latest message from this “Madhu” was that if Phyllis would give him her ‘endorsement’ Madhu would heal the rash/itching condition.  This really made Phyllis mad and she expressed angrily that she would never endorse Madhu – she would die first!

The following day Phyllis and I did an exercise to see what would make her feel safer….what came up was to thicken the Beach Ball symbol and make it very large to surround Phyllis and our whole group.

The next day when I called to check on Phyllis she told me she was in a deep, dark space and a “pit of despair” she called it. And she told me the rash/itching was driving her crazy.  The conversation changed to Baba’s last interview again. Phyllis wanted to know when the Kurushetra War in her body will end.  Phyllis then stated she felt useless- not teaching nor being an instrument for Swami. Then she asked: “why do I need to suffer so?” My heart broke for her suffering.

We would often try to find answers together so we began working with this and it dawned on me that Phyllis, with all her suffering never lost her strong will. I could see her teaching each of us all over the world – all who loved her and her work this last “Huge Truth of Perseveranceand a Strong Will”.  I told her, “Phyllis you are teaching all of us all over the world. You persevered through the Kurushetra War raging in your body and never gave up-never gave into weakness or stopped being Baba’s instrument. This is your last great teaching, Phyllis!”  She seemed calmer, but only said she loved me and “big hug”.  I told her I loved her too and asked her to think about this lesson she is teaching all of us. We then closed the call with our, ‘I love you and big hug’.

On Dec. 1st – Phyllis answered the phone and she sounded wonderful. I asked what had changed for her. Phyllis said she had her hairdresser there earlier and he was fun and made her laugh. She was in a jolly mood and we just chatted. It was so good to hear her laugh as it had been long time since she had laughed during our talks.  This wasn’t a long conversation and so I told her I would call tomorrow.

On Dec. 2nd I called Phyllis. The caregiver answered the call. Phyllis was asleep and so I asked what was wrong, was it her rash/itching?  I was told Phyllis had no itching/rash. I was informed that they would not wake Phyllis, but would tell her I called.

After that each day I called I was told they would tell her that I called, but there would be no conversation with Phyllis. I was frantic to check on her, to hear her voice. But I just had to pray she was o.k.  A short time later I had a dream that woke me up and was alarming. I just kept praying and stewing.

Then at midnight on December 10th I was left a message on my answer machine that Phyllis had passed away in her sleep at 5 a.m. UK time 12/10/16.

I was stunned as the last call 9 days earlier was such a joy to hear Phyllis happy and laughing. It was very strange.  I heard that a friend of Phyllis’ from the US had come to see her 12-4, I believe, was not permitted in the home just sent away.

We called Peter 12-10-16 and he was devastated as he never got to talk with Phyllis again. He could not console her or speak to her and has been in limbo since July 23rd this year. He is a very good man and so strong and loves Sai Baba so much. I cannot believe what Peter and Anna had to endure for the last 5 months. He said he is glad Phyllis was no longer suffering, but it hurts us to feel Peter and Anna still suffering.

In closing there are two reasons to share so much with all of you.

1)   Peter and Anna were collateral damage to the changes that already have taken place to The Phyllis Krystal Foundation and other things of Phyllis’.  Peter still has legal bills and charges hanging over him for no good reason. Peter and Anna need all the Love and Support of our large Sai Family.  They loved Phyllis so much and she loved Peter and the entire family so much. Please pray for them and support them in whatever way feels right to you.

2)   I wanted to share with all of you what I perceived to be Phyllis’ last great teaching and lesson for all of us to persevere and remain strong even in the face of our own Kurusketra like internal war – If we should experience that in this life. It is a mystery as to why Phyllis had to suffer so much in the last several months. But I do believe she left us with a model of super strength to aspire to and she never gave in to being less than an instrument of Baba’s which Phyllis often told me was her only wish.

From my Sai Heart to your Sai Heart,

Janie Ivey



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